1. Woodwork Nails and Concrete Nails

We are providing high quality nails according to the Thai Industrail Standard.

2. Welded Mesh Sheet

Having a double quality yeild strength comparing to ordinary metal sheets, our welded mesh sheets are made to use with all concrete works. We also provide all kinds of size according to your applications.

3. Flexible Grinding Wheel

We supply you with various high quality brands of flexible grinding wheels. They are sharp, durable and available in all sizes.


4. Anti Corrosive Primer

We have various brands of anti-corrosive primers having high quauity,  quick drying, tough and durable basecoat and easy application. 


5. Welding Electrodes

We are providing all kinds of high quality and certified welding electrodes such as Kobe Steel, Yawata, Hyundai, Oki and etc.